Let’s Walk at FAULKNER PARK – Lindale, Texas


When I get a burst of energy and feel like some exercise, I travel to Faulkner Park, our local park at 21206 Highway 69, North.


Faulkner Park consists of 170 acres of beautiful wooded land with a 15 acre lake. Located four miles north of the city of Lindale, Texas, on U.S. 69, Faulkner Park has four lighted tennis courts, four soccer fields, a baseball field, concession and rest room facilities, a paved walking path (about one mile in length) around the lake, a volleyball court, basketball court, several picnic areas, as well as a number of spots for easy fishing, and a large covered pavillion for reunions, meetings, picnicking, etc.

It also has a dirt walking path located in the woods, but I’ve only been on that one time, and it seemed to take forever to make one loop.
The photo opportunities are great, with wildlife, wildflowers, and birds of many varieties. To walk, or to photograph? That is the question.

Here is a short video on Faulkner Park:

My Animoto Video.

I hope that you get to come to Lindale someday and travel to Faulkner Park for a walk and some good conversation.

By the way, we like Kia Souls in East Texas as you can see in the parking lot.  The one in red is mine.


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3 Responses to Let’s Walk at FAULKNER PARK – Lindale, Texas

  1. etexbill says:

    Samantha, I don’t know for sure, but will investigate. It can be reserved for family reuninons, etc, so I’ll bet that it does. I will go out and make sure tomorrow, 9/13/12.

  2. Samantha says:

    Does the pavilion have plug outlets?

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